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The Value of Truth!

Hello Friends,

My name is Ritu and my biggest blessing in this world is that I am confident I have secured my children's future for eternity! The peace this fact brings me and the desire to share this peace with other moms or anyone who has a loved one is my motivation for becoming a "mom on mission for the Truth" and creating this website.

The truth is invaluable! It is as priceless as your kids and their future! Their future not just here on Earth, but also in the life beyond.....

Knowing the truth can mean the difference between failure and success, life and death,....and yes: heaven and hell...for eternity!

To know the truth about whether heaven or hell even exist and to share how you can know for sure if your loved ones are headed for heaven, not hell I have done an extensive amount of research and share all the evidence with you in my book Truth Versus Tradition: Seeing Clearly in 20/20 and Beyond!

This book is an engaging study that explores the possibility of God and His goodness based on our own internal moral compass. Additionally, it presents surprising scientific and mathematical evidence to support the fact that not only does God exist, but has also created a guaranteed way to live in heaven with Him forever!

To order your printed copy of Truth Versus Tradition: Seeing Clearly in 20/20 and Beyond!, please click on the link below. If you would really like a copy, but are unable to purchase one. Please email me and I will try to send you a free electronic copy. God bless you as you seek the Truth!


Mom On Mission for the Truth!

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